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Congenital eyelashes. All the pros and cons

In our time, natural beauty is valued, but this does not mean that cosmetics should be completely abandoned. Do not use bright and catchy shades in makeup, especially in the daytime, in order to avoid the effect of the "Barbie doll", instead use calm colors, do not apply too many cosmetic products and the result will not be long in coming. In order to emphasize the eyes it is easy enough to make up eyelashes with ink, but it needs to be done beautifully and accurately and takes this process, often, a lot of time. But the help comes the build-up of eyelashes.

Fashion Nails 2017

Manicure - a hygienic cosmetic procedure for care of nails and fingers.
Manicure involves the concept of not only hygienic (cuticle removal, dead skin particles, correction regrown length and shape of the nail), but also cover the nails special cosmetics (medical coatings, colored coatings) and the decoration of the finished manicure!
     From season to season nail art professionals dictate the rules of fashion in the nail industry and try to invent something bright and interesting, something that certainly will appeal to the fair sex! With each year to surprise with something new it is becoming increasingly difficult, as the master, who loves his job, visiting all possible training courses and seminars where brings a lot of interesting and useful information and transfers it to the masses.

Design stamping

Stamping - is a kind of decoration of nails with a special stamp plates with patterns and varnish. This technique helps to create original, beautiful, colorful manicure, which you will not spend a lot of time, because the sequence with a stamping operation is very simple and the power even for beginners

Paraffin for hands: what and how.

Winter - the cold season, during which you want to give your skin additional care and food, because the delicate skin of hands every day exposed to damage. Physical work is not unimportant factor, which affects the beauty and the state for the skin, but also the cold has a negative impact, because in the cold season, we hide your hands in warm gloves, and stands for a moment to "liberate" them from captivity, gloves and mittens, a frost immediately do their job and the skin peels off, it becomes dry.

How to understand the incomprehensible watts, speed ...

An ordinary person, even passed the course of physics in high school, sometimes quite difficult to understand the technical terms and the relevant characteristics of the equipment with which it operates. But their understanding of the work depends on the quality and comfort of the master and the client. Therefore, we rephrase the dry scientific definitions, simplify them, and everything will become clear.

Why LED-lamps more fester dried gel.

The composition of gels for nail extension, includes some substance. This substance is reacts to a specific, for each gel, a narrow stretch of ultraviolet radiation. The gels are polymerized in result (look at the picture). If more in this area the radiation power, than the material hardens faster.

Helpful tips for strengthening nails.

 Brittle, yellowish, exfoliating nails have always been a big problem for women. It is very difficult to take care of the nails, and even more difficult to make the decorative manicure, because coating are exfoliate quickly and does not stick. Of course, to remove these symptoms, you should seek for original cause and to treat the nail plate. But, at the same time, need taking vitamins and minerals recommended by the doctor.

Trendy manicure 2015

If you follow the canons of magical and mysterious world of fashion, will be necessary to catch the slightest changes and to comply with the recommendations of well-known personalities. Trends for this year are already known, but  they still can meet  with some changes.  Experts are determined  on fashion for the whole 2015, so they can bring updating  for seasonal and on specific collections of fashion houses.