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Congenital eyelashes. All the pros and cons

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Eyelash extension
In our time, natural beauty is valued, but this does not mean that cosmetics should be completely abandoned. Do not use bright and catchy shades in makeup, especially in the daytime, in order to avoid the effect of the "Barbie doll", instead use calm colors, do not apply too many cosmetic products and the result will not be long in coming. In order to emphasize the eyes it is easy enough to make up eyelashes with ink, but it needs to be done beautifully and accurately and takes this process, often, a lot of time. But the help comes the build-up of eyelashes.
Eyelash extension is a cosmetic procedure for attaching artificial eyelashes to natural ones with the help of special means. Recently, this procedure is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the fact that representatives of the fair sex want to look beautiful and natural at the same time and spend at least a minimum of their precious time. After all, the current pace of life dictates its rules and time for themselves, girls and women are less and less. So the "eyelashes" of today's girls have grown eyelashes. After all, it is not only beautiful, but also practical!
Types of building
The most popular types of eyelash extensions are:
  • - sessile
  • - 2D effect
  • - 3D effect
  • - beam build-up
With a spermic extension to the natural eyelash, using a special glue, an artificial cilium is attached;
To achieve the effect of 2D the master builds on artificial eyelashes two artificial eyelashes;
For the 3D effect on the natural cilium, 3 artificial ones are built up.
When beam building up the eyelashes, bunches of several eyelashes are formed and are built on all strong natural eyelashes.
A competent master will help the client decide and make an increase that will be both to the person and to look natural.
Care for eyelashes
In fact, care for artificial eyelashes is not at all complicated, you need to observe a few simple rules.
It is necessary to correct the eyelashes every 2-3 weeks;
It is necessary to wash yourself gently: to rub eyes is not allowed;
It is necessary to comb the eyelashes with a special brush (you will put in order the disheveled cilia and in the same way the cilia, which for one reason or another have come unstuck - can be easily removed);
In no case can oily tonic and lotion for washing, since oily cosmetics easily destroy the structure of the adhesive for building.

Pros of extended eyelashes

  • - you do not need to paint your eyelashes every morning;
  • - the look becomes more expressive, even if by nature you do not have thick and not long cilia;
  • - you can safely go in for sports, swim in the pool and not worry that the ink has flowed;
  • - with the help of different techniques of building and the color of the eyelashes, you can achieve completely different effects;

Cons of extensible eyelashes

  • - Not all brands can boast hypoallergenic products for building up;
  • - you will have to forget to sleep on your stomach and rub your eyes;
  • - Regular eyelashes should be adjusted regularly, and the process of building takes from 2 to 3.5 hours;
  • - you need to find a very good master, so that you enjoy wearing artificial eyelashes and do not feel any discomfort;
And one more thing: if your cilia are very thin and weak, then a good master will first offer you a course of strengthening the eyelashes and then perform the procedure.
With strict rules, the growing cilia will delight you day after day with its beauty, and you will look natural and irresistible!