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How to understand the incomprehensible watts, speed ...

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Tension - a difference of electric charges, making it possible to perform the work. Simply put, when we include, for example, electric, air conditioning, television, it is the AC mains voltage to which they are connected and ensure their work.
In the embodiment with the Fraser is set to the maximum voltage hand-mill. To her chosen an appropriate control unit, which in addition to, in fact, handle control, converts hazardous voltage from the mains (220V) in a safe (3, 12, 17, 30 ...). By adjusting the speed of rotation of the handle, we actually change the output voltage of the control unit: the higher the voltage, the greater the speed of the nozzle. It is enough to know that Frazer professional use voltage of 30 V. The exceptions are instruments with a battery that can be for some time to work without being connected to the mains. They applied to handle the maximum voltage - 12 V.
The maximum speed of rotation
Number of revolutions per minute, which makes the pen-mill installation for maximum speed control unit is called the maximum speed. You can often hear such a view: "This powerful router: it makes 30 000 revolutions per minute (rev / min)!" ... This physical quantity generally has nothing to do with power. For example, motor speed, which raises the elevator 750 rev / min, its capacity - 15,000 Watts (W) and the rotational speed dental turbine, which reams teeth - 800 000 rev / min at a power of 2 watts.
Adjusting the handle-speed router and, accordingly, the speed of the tool is needed in order to most effectively and efficiently to carry out a particular job. For example, corundum nozzle best treated skin at a speed of about 10 000 rev / min, diamond nozzle at 50 000 rev / min will not acrylic nail file down and melt it, etc.
The vast majority of procedures in manicure, pedicure, artificial nails and correction is carried out at speeds of up to 35 000 r / min.
The ratio of the amount of work performed for a certain period of time, this time is called power. This is a very important characteristic. It shows how long the machine can be operated without interruption. From this definition, it is clear that the higher the power, the more work is done for the master at the same time. Each procedure requires for its fulfillment a certain power, and if the router it is not enough, the work or does not perform, or for its implementation will be spent so much time that the use of the router will be unreasonable.
For example, when removing the top layer of acrylic needed power output of 50 watts. Master can take a coarse carbide cutters and quite pressing it to the artificial nails, short and sharp movements quickly remove the material. If the power of the router is 10-20 W (this is a common value for Chinese vehicles), the mill will have to take a fine tooth, press it slightly to the material and the movement to do soft and smooth - otherwise handle, the router will work with congestion and hot. It is very uncomfortable and greatly shorten the life of the router service. Still, with such a work procedure will be carried out slowly, and to save money when buying a cheap machine will result in the loss of precious time and fewer clients served.
There is one caveat. The fact that the power control unit and pen-router (individually) are not necessarily identical. It is important that the total capacity of the apparatus is determined at one of them. In order to serve the unit for a long time, and pen-mill worked without overloading, in its capacity of professional tools, as a rule, more power to the control unit. This fact used by unscrupulous sellers, giving the power of the machine power is the handle, not the control unit, it would be correct.
In the cheap Chinese mills the situation is reversed: the handle is provided with a low-power more powerful control unit and the power unit is called the power unit. This equipment is particularly dangerous because a hundred pen always work overload and, accordingly, is very long. Power-handle router indirectly can be identified by its size and weight.
Maximum torque
The product of the force generated by the handle on the radius of the nozzle test. It called the maximum torque. This is perhaps the most important feature of the router. It determines the router "brake" when performing procedures or not. It is this parameter indicates how fast the pen-mill speeds up how quickly she loses it and how well it resists the sharp increase in the load at fast work of the master.
The torque depends on the power of the router that the higher the power, the generally larger torque. There is another pitfall: equipping low-power handle pretty powerful control unit, it is possible to obtain a sufficient torque. However, the pen will work with high overload. In one minute, check with the purchase you do not feel well during the actual work it is rapidly heated to a temperature such that it can not be held in the hand and continue to work. After overheating handle just burn.
Sometimes you can see the following picture: the seller shows expensive and powerful machine (which he still does not sell), try to give as "no brakes" big head, and then shows the cheapest device in which this same attachment also "does not slow down." And while the seller states that for less money you can buy "the same powerful" router. So why pay more? That is the same case. The device in this mode will last very long, and you're wasting money. Do you need this?
Another caveat - when the technical characteristics of the router indicates the maximum torque arms and says nothing about whether the control unit can provide such a moment. For example, a powerful grip with a maximum torque of 4.9 Newton-centimeter (Ncm) can be equipped with a unit that provides only 2 Ncm. This is enough to comfortably handle the artificial nails and manicure, pedicure and here is the value is too small.
Table. Comfort features for the most popular works
Name of procedure The speed of thousands of revolutions / min Power, W Torque Ncm
Leather processing in manicure 10-15 30 1
Grinding and polishing of natural nails ~10 40 1,5
Treatment of the artificial nail 20-30 50 2
Grinding and polishing of artificial nail ~10 50 2
Treatment of corns and calluses in pedicure 10-15 100 3,5

And finally - do not skimp when choosing a router: the lower price means a lower than necessary, the characteristics of which, in turn, determine the lower your speed.