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Helpful tips for strengthening nails.

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        Brittle, yellowish, exfoliating nails have always been a big problem for women. It is very difficult to take care of the nails, and even more difficult to make the decorative manicure, because coating are exfoliate quickly and does not stick. Of course, to remove these symptoms, you should seek for original cause and to treat the nail plate. But, at the same time, need taking vitamins and minerals recommended by the doctor.

Our products for nail care, will help fix the problem visually and make the almost perfect manicure. Absolutely all existing popular manufacturer goods presented on our website. That why, choose polish Kodi Professional, in our store you can at any time of the day.

Nail Strengthening

In between the coating, do not forget to make useful trays and cover the nail plate fueling oils.

Among the most popular solutions for nail care, that you can create are:

  • bath of sea salt, abundantly rich in minerals;
  • mask of fresh lemon;
  • massage olive oil;
  • a mix of wax, honey and vegetable oil.

All miraculous properties help to restore, gradually, shine and strength of nails. So after a while they will stop stratify.

Fantastic palette, of existing synthetic materials, allows give your nails all shades and create them real masterpieces. Gel polish came to Ukraine not so long ago. But many nail masters of respectable beauty saloons, already purchased materials companies Kodi Professional.

Of course, the priority indicators of the goods nowadays are the quality and ease of application. That why, professionals prefer a guaranteed result.

Perfect and fast manicure.

Probably, all women have known cases, where the manicure was done quickly and seemingly wonderful. But first problems can appear next day. The coating chipped off, the edge erased, neat look disappears. Of course, such deplorable results always disappoint. So we offer a revolutionary new solution, in all cases giving guaranteed result, because the gel polish perfect hold even splitting nails.

We have extensive selection of gel polish Kodi Professional, in our store. The color palette consists of a hundred shades. And the set of decorative elements allows you to create incredible drawings on your nails. The peculiarity of coating is real dependability and uncompromising result. Gel-polish are keeps on nails from two to four weeks, it is not breaking and not wincing. Now you will not be ashamed of unkempt and nails that flake. You will be able to cure the existing problem without foreign views and recommendations. Manicured, always beautiful, expressive nails become bright attribute of the whole image. And, believe me, you will not be able to indulge in luxury. Even at home, gorgeous manicure and pedicure will help you stay queen. And, by the way, the daily cooking in the kitchen, for the benefit of the family, will not be displayed your hands.

You can buy a gel-polish on our website or any other representative of the company in Ukraine. Delivery to other regions and countries carried out by shipping companies. For this reason, all orders are always delivered on time.