Paraffin for hands: what and how.

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 парафинотерапияWinter - the cold season, during which you want to give your skin additional care and food, because the delicate skin of hands every day exposed to damage. Physical work is not unimportant factor, which affects the beauty and the state for the skin, but also the cold has a negative impact, because in the cold season, we hide your hands in warm gloves, and stands for a moment to "liberate" them from captivity, gloves and mittens, a frost immediately do their job and the skin peels off, it becomes dry. It is good that the cosmetic industry is not standing still, and every year the manufacturers offer a variety of tools that promise to moisturize and nourish the skin exhausted your pens. But, as practice shows, the banal applying the cream is not enough to fully saturate the skin of nutrients and give her a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. From year to year master manicure industry are looking for ways in which could help to clients to support the well-groomed hands. And here comes to the aid of paraffin, which in recent times is becoming more and more popular.

What is the paraffin

Paraffin - a SPA-procedure, which removes from the skin toxins and excess moisture and at the same time enriches it with nutrients, nourishing, moisturizing, toning the skin. Suitable for both hand and leg. This procedure is carried out using a molten paraffin cosmetic essential oils, salts, and vitamin complexes. The effect is noticeable even after the first procedure, than, in fact, won the paraffin of the fair sex, because the result lasts about a week, and subsequent sessions make the skin more elastic, toned and well-groomed. But it should immediately be noted that girls who have the skin there is any damage (scratches, cuts, inflammation), this procedure is contraindicated !!! It is necessary to wait until complete healing of wounds and can safely perform the procedure!

What do I need to have for paraffin for paraffin


For the procedure, cosmetic paraffin is heated to 50-55 degrees temperature. Before you put your hands in the tub with paraffin it is necessary to clean your hands, wash well and apply a small amount of hand cream, serum or a special: firstly nutrients from cream to better penetrate into the skin, providing an even better effect; secondly owners of a dry skin cream hand protection from the effects of temperature. Then hands should be dipped into a bath of paraffin and as soon as you pull out of the hands of paraffin bath hardens, like a thin glove. This manipulation should be done several times until the "glove" is sufficiently dense. Then you need to put your hands on plastic gloves, and then the special terry mittens which help to maintain the desired temperature. Under the influence of heat (paraffin perfectly accumulates heat and gradually renders it) improves blood circulation, lymph flow, nutrients better penetrate the skin. After 20-30 minutes of paraffin "glove" to remove without any effort; then you should apply a hand cream is not recommended for an hour to go out or use cold water to avoid temperature drop. Due to the fact that the wax hardens on his hands - this procedure has also lifting effect, as the skin is tightened during solidification of paraffin; smooth fine lines. After paraffin skin becomes silky and elastic and the "greenhouse effect" toxins.
It is impossible not to notice that this procedure can be done not only in beauty salons or beauty parlors, as it is fun is not cheap, but also without any problems, you can do it at home. Do not buy a special parafinotopku, cosmetic wax can be melted in a water bath and make your skin a nice gift in the form of paraffin. But you need to melt the wax carefully so as not to overheat it. To do this, apply a small amount of wax on your palm, you should not feel a burning sensation. If the temperature of the skin is unpleasant, it should be a little wait for the wax to cool and can be immersed hands.
Essential oils are added to the paraffin during the procedure, have not only the nutritional value, but also perfectly relax. So paraffin - procedure not only for the body but for the soul! Love yourself and indulge yourself pleasant procedures!