Lash Secret Restart Renew B Eyelash Lamination Compound, Renovation, Pencil, 2.5 ml

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New format - pencil! Maximum comfort from your favorite brand!

Eyelash lamination Lash Secret Restart is a revolutionary development and innovative preparations, with the help of which you can not only visually improve the appearance of cilia, but also significantly, comprehensively improve them. Renew B is applied at the second stage of the lamination procedure - renovation. It has a pH of 6.0 and solves a series of important tasks: makes cilia more elastic by restoring disulfide bonds; ensures the preservation of amino acids in the hair structure; fixes the curl shape; closes the cuticle scales; prepares cilia for the application of coloring compounds, providing protection before painting and enhancing the coloring result.

Thanks to the strong binding of cationic polymers and anionic keratin, amino acids are retained in the structure of the hairs and do not wash out, the cilia get an effective volume without weighting, as is usually the case with silicones. Coconut oil retains moisture and protein, has a regenerating effect, prevents fragility, and provides a beautiful gloss. Chia oil is embedded in damaged areas of the structure, restoring them, protects from ultraviolet radiation. Vitamin E also acts as an active antioxidant, provides a barrier against UV rays, fights breakage, provides shine and works as an effective conditioner.

How to apply:

  • 1. Apply after composition A using the applicator on the curl fracture zone. Cannot be applied to ends and roots.
  • 2. At the end of the exposure time (5-7 minutes, depending on the volume and density of cilia), the remains of the composition should be removed with a cotton swab.

The tool is intended for masters who have been trained and are familiar with all the features of the eyelash lamination procedure.

The shelf life after opening the package is 4-6 months.

2,5 ml
Product type
Состав для ламинирования

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Brand: Lash Secret


2,5 ml
Product type
Состав для ламинирования
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