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Suhozharovo sterilizer Microstop M1+

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Sterilizer Mikrostop M1 + new universal dry heat oven, designed specifically for beauty industry masters with medium load. It can simultaneously sterilize 2 sets of tools without Kraft bags, or 3 sets of Kraft bags, which are arranged vertically in the sterilization chamber. At the same time, the dimensions of the dry heat are the same compact as those of its predecessor M1e.

Dry oven Mikrostop M1 + is the most high-performance sterilizer compared to other dry heat cookers of the same size. Therefore, it is objectively more profitable to buy it than counterparts with lower productivity, even if they are cheaper.

The dry oven Mikrostop M1 + works in four automatic modes. Three of them meet the standards of sterilization of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

  • 200 ° C - 30 min,
  • 180 ° C - 60 min,
  • 160 ° C - 150 min.
  • Fourth - drying mode: 80 ° C - 30 minutes.

In the Mikrostop M1 + suzhozhar, you can sterilize metal and glass tools that withstand temperatures of 200 ° C and are used by manicure, tattoo, tattoo, piercing, as well as beauticians, podologists, and eyebrows. The principle of operation of the device is hot dry air sterilization.

General characteristics:

  • High performance and longer service life due to the simultaneous sterilization of a large number of instruments.
  • Electronic control functions.
  • Light panel with temperature and time indicators on the front panel.
  • Attractive design.
  • Dry oven Mikrostop M1 + not tupit tools.
  • Destroys all germs and viruses.
  • Certified by UKRSEPRO.

Sterilization chamber volume

 2 liters

External dimensions

230 x 200 x 180 mm

Tool tray size

215 x 115 x 27 mm


4 kg


Stainless steel

The number of sterilized manicure instruments

Kraft package - 3 sets

No craft packages - 2 sets

Power consumption

200 watts / hour

Temperature deviation from the set value

 ± 1 ° C

An exit to the established temperature of

 10-15 minutes

Emergency Shutdown:



12 months

Power supply


Country of manufacture


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